Godfather tour and Taormina

The first place of tour is Savoca. Savoca was chosen by Francis F. Coppola to stand in for the less photogenic Corleone. When Michael and his two companions are walking in the hills, they see this picturesque village in the distance. Enjoy its peaceful atmosphere and the stunning views over the sea from the piazza.
A scenic drive runs inland to Savoca which is considered to be one of the most attractive places in the environs of Taormina. Bar Vitelli with a gorgeous terrace, has a collection of photographs taken when Francis Ford Coppola shot some scenes of "The Godfather II". The table where Micheal Corleone sat to ask the padrone for the hand of his delightful daughter Apollonia is still there. After Michael's wedding, they walk down from the church to this Bar on the piazza for the reception. Free time for a "granita" in the Bar Vitelli then we walk to the Chiesa Madre with its fine 16C portal surmonted by a beautifully carved oculus and the coat of arms of Savoca, bearing the eldeberry branch from which the name of the town is supposed to derive.

The tour will continue to Forza d'Agrò an attractive medieval hamlet caps the furthermost spurs of the Monti Peloritani with a splendid view of the coast. In 1990, Al Pacino and Sophia Coppola shot some scenes of the film "The Godfather III".

Then you can see a beautiful view panoramic from several points next to Taormina. In Taormina you will visit the historical centre with its splendid Ancient Theatre, Corvaja Palace, Odeon, Corso Umberto and the unmissable panoramas. .


Half Day