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2 days itinerary in Sicily

Planning a 2-day getaway but unsure on what to do?
Easy: here is the ultimate itinerary for your perfect holiday.

South-eastern Sicily, home to glorious baroque attractions and a selection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, provides suggestive sights that will inevitably make you experience a plethora of emotions.




Modica, the city of Counts, is characterised by its splendid castle which, by rising on the cliffs overlooking the city, offers astonishing views on the old town. Must-see sights include: the magnificent Duomo di San Giorgio (“Dome of St. George”) - one the few Baroque churches with five aisles in the world -, the Garibaldi theatre, the Church of St. Peter – another important cathedral in the city displaying the spectacular statues of Twelve Apostles along the monumental stairway outside the main building -, the Salita de’ Barbieri (“alley of Barbieri”), a steep staircase which originally marked the entrance to the Jewish ghetto “Cartellone”. In this place you can taste many gastronomic treasures such as 'mpanatigghi, almond biscuits, "ghiugghiulena" , chocolate and other traditional products.


2 days itinerary in Sicily


From Modica, Ragusa Ibla can be easily reached. Here, the Baroque style reveals all its beauty. Highly recommended sights are: Giardini Iblei (“Ibleo Garden”), the ancient Portal of St. George, St. Joseph’s church, Piazza Pola and the Cathedral.


2 days itinerary in Sicily




Start your second day with an alluring visit in Scicli where, by strolling through Via Francesco Mormino Penna, you can bask in the suggestive glory of Baroque monuments and shop for local delicacies. You cannot miss a visit to the churches of St. Joseph, St Bartholomew the Apostle, St. Mary la Nova and St. Matthew. In particular, St Matthew’s Church, symbol of the city, is located on a hill from which you can enjoy a breath-taking view on the city.


2 days itinerary in Sicily


Travelling towards the East coast of this spectacular island will allow you to reach Noto, which has been regarded as the capital of the Baroque style. The city is also renowned for its ‘infiorata’, an event taking place every year which sees flowers of all kinds being displayed in the form of colourful carpets.


2 days itinerary in Sicily


Along its Old Town, interspersed with picturesque squares, majestic staircases and large selections of local desserts, are the Cathedral of San Nicolò, the Church of Santa Chiara, Ducezio Palace (the town hall), the theatre “Tina di Lorenzo” – commonly regarded as a “miniature” version of the La Scala theatre in Milan -, the Arch of the Porta Reale monument, which symbolically marks the city entrance, and the numerous buildings with their glorious balconies.

If you only have two days and still want to experience the alluring essence of Sicily with a private tour that will help you discover these or other enchanting places, get in touch with us or alternatively you can choose the tour which best suits your needs.



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