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5 days itinerary in Sicily

Here we suggest a fantastic 5 day itinerary in Sicily that
will bring you to the dreamy Aeolian Islands, off the
northern coast of Sicily.

The archipelago comprises seven islands that are volcanic in origin: Lipari, the largest and most populous; Panarea, small and joyful; the blazing Stromboli, an island kissed by the water and forged by fire; Vulcano, with its black sand; the wild Filicudi and Alicudi islands, and the verdant Salina where the film director Troisi set one of the most beautiful scenes of his last movie Il Postino: The Postman.



Day One




Once on the island, things you cannot miss include: a relaxing stroll through the distinctive alleys of the city centre, a visit to the ancient acropolis, a walk to the panoramic viewpoint where you can enjoy a breath-taking sight over the legendary sea stacks, a swim inside the fascinating Grotta degli Angeli (Cave of the Angels) and Grotta degli Amanti (Cave of the Lovers). Do not forget to pay a visit to the peculiar villages of Pianoconte, Quattropani and Acquacalda.


5 days itinerary in Sicily


Day Two




Panarea is the most mundane island of the archipelago; it is well-known for its marine protected area where you can have a refreshing swim, its prehistoric village of Capo Milazzese, its spectacular underwater fumaroles and the islets of Dattilo and Lisca Bianca.


5 days itinerary in Sicily




When in Stromboli, you will be charmed by its peculiar colours: black rocks, white houses…  You cannot miss a visit to Ginostra village and to the top of the crater to witness the spectacular volcanic eruptions. At sunset, you could enjoy Stromboli and its nocturnal volcanic eruptions from a unique viewpoint: the Sciara del Fuoco. With its petit lighthouse, the islet of Strombolicchio is truly enchanting.


5 days itinerary in Sicily


Day 3


Filicudi and Alicudi 


In Filicudi, you can get lost in the Grotta del Bue Marino (the Bull Cave), the biggest and most mythical cave of the Aeolian Islands. According to the myth, Aeolus dwelled here. Guarding the entrance were a giant seal and a sea bull that made the cave inaccessible to fishermen.


5 days itinerary in Sicily



Day Four




Here you can visit the Porto di Levante; in the vicinity are thermal springs where you can enjoy a dip and rub yourself in clay. You can also explore Vulcanello and Valle dei mostri (Valley of Monsters), Scoglio della Sirenetta (Mermaids’ Rock), the beautiful black sand beach Baia dell’Asino, villaggio del Gelso (Gelso village) with its Black Sand Bay, Grotta del Cavallo (Horse’s Cave), the astonishing Piscine di Venere (Venus pools). You cannot leave the island without visiting the Gran Cratere at the top of the Fossa cone that offers a unique Shakespearean play thanks to the hot sulphurous fumes rising from the ground.


5 days itinerary in Sicily


Day Five




On Salina island, you could explore: the pumice mines in Acquacalda; Leni, one of the main towns of the island, located between two mountains; Pollara, a hamlet sitting on the old remains of an ancient crater. Right here, you can bask in views over the bay where the famous Italian director Troisi set one of the most suggestive scenes of his late movie Il Postino: The Postman.


5 days itinerary in Sicily


This is only a suggested 5-day private tour in Sicily. If a different itinerary is what you have in mind, do not hesitate to contact us https://www.handysicily.it/contacts

Alternatively, you can choose here the tour which best suits your needs: https://www.handysicily.it/tour/aeolian-islands-a-journey-through-sea-fire-and-wind




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