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1 Day Tour

The Godfather shooting locations
Savoca and Forza D'Agrò

1 day

Find out where The Godfather was filmed while you let yourself go to the breathtaking charm of the Sicilian villages

Savoca and Forza D'Agrò

Our journey together will start in the morning: we will discover the places of the Godfather.

In this itinerary in the Sicilian location of the movie we will immerse ourselves in the atmosphere put on film by Coppola and at the same time we will discover some traditional Sicilian rural villages.

The Trilogy is mostly set in New York, but when Michael is forced to flee for killing the assassin of his father, Sicily comes into the picture in all its authenticity.

In the plot the only Sicilian village is Corleone, but in reality the scenes of the film were shot in various parts of the island since the village was too modern to represent the rural image of Sicily provided in the script.

First stop on the tour will be Savoca, one of the most beautiful village in Italy, that will be the background to the love between Michael and Apollonia. We will visit the famous Bar Vitelli where, while enjoying a delicious granita, we will sit at the table of the (famous) scene of the “parrata” (the marriage proposal to the father of Apollonia) and admire the collection of photos taken during the shooting before moving to the Chiesa Madre.

Then reach Forza D'Agrò, medieval village where some scenes of The Godfather III were shot, and Taormina where, walking along Corso Umberto, we will visit the beautiful greek theater, Palazzo Corvaja and the Odeon. Do not forget to stop and observe the beautiful landscape marine.

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